Cargo conveyance to the EASTERN countries


Cargo conveyance by road transport to the EASTERN countries

UAB Gricius Logistics Transport Company cooperates with logistics companies from the Eastern countries; therefore, we can offer solutions, which will ensure:

  • Successful cargo conveyance from/to the CIS member states;
  • Successful crossing of borders between European countries and CIS member states as well as the borders between the CIS member states;
  • Successful continuous movement in the CIS member states.

UAB Gricius Logistics Transport Company provides services of complex redistribution, storage, customs mediation and connecting with other types of conveyance services.

  • Highly qualified drivers;
  • Selection of the most rational cargo conveyance route in each case;
  • All refrigerator semitrailers are equipped with thermographs, providing the possibility to control the temperature of the carried cargo throughout the conveyance process;
  • All vehicles are equipped with the GPS system, providing the possibility to obtain accurate information on the cargo movement direction and location, control the opening of the refrigerated semitrailer door and the cargo temperature. 

Curtain-sided semitrailers
Refrigerator semitrailers
Refrigerator semitrailers with partitions
Double decker (2x33 Euro pallets) refrigerator semitrailers
Container semitrailers
Walking floor semitrailers
Non-standard size cargo conveyance solutions
Multimodal conveyance solutions

UAB Gricius Logistics Transport Company also provides cargo storage and railroad freight services.

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